Powershell / System Administration

My GOTO environment for dealing with Active Directory, Windows Server / 10, Office 365, CSV and simple metrics.

If you have to something 3 times, automate it!

I have a collection of scripts over time including:


Reads from new employee database (I also wrote) and creates the AD user object with correct groups, data, rights, distributions lists.


Connects to O365 and creates a Exchange resource and sets up auto booking, custom settings, custom permissions.


Fixed an issue post O365 migration that looped through all accounts and updated Immutable ID property to match local Active Directory.


Connects to file services on file server(s). Creates filterable list so IT can see who has what file open.

updateThumbnails.ps1 (Scheduled Task)

Loop through marketing head shot directory for employee photos, resize to 4 different sizes, upload to webserver for use on directory / seating chart.

compareADtoVSN.ps1 (Scheduled Task)

Loop through AD and compare active user accounts to active Deltek Vision (HR software) and email HR about discrepancies.

Technologies used: Visual Studio Code, Powershell ISE